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About the Author

George Marzocchi has authored the crime novel Stained Glass and two more sequels to come in the Detective Rodriguez Trilogy. He began writing with an eye toward crime and fictional detective genres.

George is an avid fan of cinematography and classic/nouveau film noir. He has a visual eye and he has spent many years as a professional photographer and is currently working in the large graphics display field.

George has a love of travel and recently enjoyed trips to Sardinia, Rome, Italy, Bruges Ghent, Antwerp, Paris and Cologne, Germany (taking photos throughout).

He studied photography and visual design at the New School in New York City. He resides in both Manhattan, New York, and Milford, Connecticut with his wife Terry and their two cats, Caribou Cody and Balkie.

He is the proud father of Damien and Julian.

George loves gardening, photography, cooking and tennis.